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Have you heard too much about traditional wedding entertainment options and would like something
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How long would you like to be puzzled with traditional entertainment options before you read further?


Why interactivity is so much different?

Touring around the world with interactive classical performances from first hand we recognized such a fun to our audiences being involved in the story. They are breathing together with the actors, reflecting to them, taking active part and resonating with the events. The engagement and enjoyment is kicking out the roof, literally! Imagine you are directly invited to the conversation by the actor of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre! Giving advice to him and you are turning the storyline to a brand new direction!

Why at my wedding reception?

Coming back to London we decided to expand this special experience to event entertainment and as we were performing at private parties our clients started to invite us to create interactive shows for their wedding reception. We recognised being puzzled there are not too much involvement with the traditional reception entertainment options so we created interactive performances really resonate with the audience and make your special occasion even more fun for everyone!

Have a look below exactly what our packages contain

And don't forget this is

  • Interactivity is the key

    Just mention here don't be surprised if you happen to be part of the show! Or for instance request with our actors to involve your mum in the action to make the day even more fun for her.

  • All fully customizable

    Our actors are masters of including the story about how you met, inside jokes of the group or any references meaningful to you. Let's be creative, everything is possible!

  • First class entertainment

    You are in safe hands, the highest level of expertise is guaranteed as our actors are first class professionals straight from the West End such as the Shakespeare's Globe and Soho Theatre.

  • There is space for your video

    You can even include your slideshow projection of your best moments as integrated part of the show! 

  • Shaped for the catering

    The entertainment is performed between the tables carefully matched with the courses of the catering options to create the much loved dining theatre atmosphere. There is an interval between the two parts to let you focus all your senses to purely enjoy the delicious flavours of your main course.

  • Don't worry, all covered

    Just to make sure you are not missing any important moment we bring our expert photographer to document the essence of your entertainment. Yes, absolutely free.

  • and not to mention... it is FUN

    Based on Shakespeare's everlasting humour in Midsummer Night's Dream combined with the experience of our improvisation experts trickled tears in laughter are guaranteed! 

  • Of course photobooth is available!

    Recreate the best moments with some props at hand or bring the company together with our the actors for some fun group picture to hang above the fireplace.

  • Be social about it

    Our photographer always captures the essence of the fun and all pictures are accessible for you to share the best moments with the world. 

  • Shine like a star!

    Your favourite pictures will go viral as we feature your big day on our social media profiles in front of thousands of hungry eyes. We will make you a star!

All you need is to have that personal touch of your wedding. Leave to us to personalize your reception entertainment.

As seen in the portfolio of


You have possibly recognised by this point that


There are no two similar shows, we won't stop until make sure your entertainment is as unique and custom tailored as your big day itself.

A project manager of our team will be dedicated to your event and have as many planning sessions as necessary to fully customize your experience. She will explain to you where are the spots to implement any personal element you wish to include and will make sure these elements will generate the biggest impact possible.

There is much more than purely the entertainment we can bring for you on the table. The finest event caterers in the United Kingdom are all at your fingertips with customized catering options created to suit our performance with two- or three course gourmet menus. Focus your attention to other parts of your to-dos, we will take care of the reception.

Feel the power of unlimited

Shape and reshape the experience as many times as you wish with one of our expert project managers until it becomes the entertainment of your lifetime.

Expand the experience

Would you like to include catering? All done. Maybe a special coctail bar? We will take care of that too. What do you think about a wine tasting? Your guests would love it!

Just lean back on the big day

Nothing to worry about, we will have all covered by one of our expert project managers on site to make sure everything is running smoothly so you can simply enjoy the momentum.

Experience a Once-in-a-lifetime entertainment by

Internationally acclaimed actors



Our award-winning theatre company has toured the world with numerous internationally acclaimed production praised by both critics and audiences in the past years.

We invited carefully chosen nationally renowned guest artists for the Occasional Performances repertoire with credits from the Soho Theatre and Shakespeare's Globe to make sure your entertainment will be purely remarkable.

Join the group of our satisfied clients and


Mariposa and Aaron

"We were looking for something special with Aaron for our reception as well when we have come across this option and I was like 'yes, this is it'. And our guests were crazy about it! We laughed a lot, they have never seen anything like this before."

Katie and Joseph

"The Mechanicals was absolutely lovely, so much fun we had especially when Katie started to play 'The wall' the actors were whispering through. She did really well too."


Amy and Ieva

"My mum was an absolute fan of the show, made photos with every single one of the actors. : ) Our guests enjoyed it so much, especially when they saw the actor playing what they recommended five minutes ago, we had a lot of fun!

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Our most important concern is your full satisfaction therefore if at any point you don't like the service we provide (that is very unlikely) we will refund you this amount straightaway, no questions.

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This is what your package contains

  • Interactive entertainment

  • Fully customizable

  • Performed by first class actors

  • Perfectly suited for your catering

  • Dedicated professional photographer

  • Memory wall as a gift with photos

  • Photobooth option with the actors

  • Social media exposure

  • and loads of fun!

  • with Any time Money Back Guarantee

Don't wait, this is a strictly limited time package, secure your date now!

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